Three Reasons to Form a Study Group in Your IUPUI Student Housing

It is important to schedule study sessions to prepare for your midterm and final exams. One idea is to form a study group with your peers in your IUPUI student housing. It is different from studying alone in your private bedroom. Here are several reasons you may decide to form a study group with your peers.

Provides Interaction

If you are feeling bored or isolated while studying alone, a study group can provide the interaction you need. There is something about studying with your peers that makes preparing for exams an enjoyable activity. Once your study session is over, you may decide to reward your group with pizza or a movie to unwind.

Prevent Procrastination

It is easier to prevent procrastination when you form a study group. You can hold one another accountable to ensure everyone is on the same page. Your group also stays up-to-date on your assignments and projects when working together. This way, your group does not have to study for quizzes and exams at the last minute.

Offer Support

A study group also provides the support you need to prepare for your classes. You can compare notes and quiz one another to ensure everyone is ready for their exams. In addition, the group may be able to help a peer catch up in certain classes. A little support from your study group can go a long way when attending college.

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