What to Consider When Looking for Purdue Student Housing in West Lafayette?

Are you looking for the best student housing in the greater Lafayette area? Well, you will find a variety of options. Whether you are interested in apartments, individual rooms, or houses, you will always get one worth your taste and budget. While houses nearer to the campus are the most sought after, getting them can be a little bit challenging. For you to be successful in your search, the following factors will come in handy:

Consider Location

If you want to enjoy your stay in West Lafayette, you need to look for an apartment located in close proximity to campus. As a student, a conveniently located apartment will benefit you in many ways. First, it will help you save time you spend when moving to and from classes. Secondly, it will help you cut down on commuting costs. Last but not least, it will enable you to access essential services with ease and convenience.


Apart from the location, the other critical factor you need to consider when looking for Purdue student housing in West Lafayette is security. Since you’ll be leaving your valuables in the apartments, you don’t want a place where they’ll be tampered with or get stolen. Therefore, as you walk around looking for houses, pay more attention to security details such as CCTV cameras, type of locks and security guards.


Budget is another key thing you shouldn’t forget during your search for accommodation. Since there are other things you will be attending to, it’s appropriate if you fix your budget to a specific range. As a caution, don’t go for an accommodation that exceeds your budget.

At Lark West Lafayette, we are always ready to assist students in getting the best Purdue student housing in West Lafayette. Therefore, feel free to contact us today for the best housing offers!