Roommate Woes and How to Resolve Them as a College Student in Louisiana

Are you a University of Louisiana Lafayette student? If you are, then you may have been looking for ways to live better so you can concentrate on your studies. Your roommate has been constantly hosting parties in your shared space, and you can no longer accept this situation. Time after time, you are left to clean up after their gatherings, causing you to lose out on studying and sleep. What can you do about your circumstances?

Speak with Your Roommate or File a Complaint

Maybe your roommate does not realize that you are suffering from their actions. Perhaps you should have a one-to-one conversation about the issue. When you do, don’t forget to keep a cool head as it may just be a slight misunderstanding between the two of you. If the issue persists, then the other option would be to file a complaint with the administrators. They may be able to find a solution for both of you.

Consider Moving When All Else Fails

Perhaps it is time to just go your separate ways. You are probably wanting to move out, but are unsure where to move to. Here’s a tip. You should consider an off-campus apartment that supports student life. Moving to this type of arrangement will allow you to gain peace of mind and regain your privacy to help you focus on your academic goals.

Where You Should Live

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