Ways to Design Your Own Space While Living Off Campus in Illinois

Living in your own home while in college doesn’t have to mean that it’s boring and full of books. There are a few things that you can do to make it stylish while still concentrating on your classes so that you don’t get behind.

Choosing Furniture

When you start looking at furniture before moving to UIUC off campus housing, consider getting items that are multi-functional. If you share your home with someone else, then you might not have a lot of personal space for larger items, so a small desk in your bedroom would work better than a large desk in the living room. You could also get a small round table for dining that could also be used for studying. When you’re choosing furniture, don’t let bright colors deter you as these can make a plain home stand out.

Find a Purpose

As you walk around your new UIUC off campus housing, look at where you might spend the most time during the day. This is where you want to focus your efforts on making the area comfortable and personalized. If you’re going to be in the living room, then you want to get a couch or chair that’s comfortable to sit in as well as a coffee table or side table for a lamp or books. If you enjoy being in the kitchen, then invest in the tools that you’ll need to cook. As you create spaces where you’re comfortable, you’ll feel like you’re in a home instead of just a house.

Learn more about designing your home by contacting The Village at Colbert Park at https://villagecp.com/.